Terrible Older Browsers, Your Time Has Come

Anyone remember my New Year’s Resolution for you? If you didn’t pay any attention to it, Google is stepping in to make your life harder. Finally, a major company is saying enough… old versions of browsers are holding the Web back and we’re not going to bother supporting them anymore. Starting August 1, Google will no longer bother testing their products using Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Safari 3, and Firefox 3.5.

This is a perfect example Google’s “don’t be evil” philosophy: they’re riding out to slay some pretty nasty dragons here.

We at Square Bear stopped caring about web design for IE 6 on January 1 of this year. Anyone on a browser that old should be used to things not looking very good when they surf. And for those who are still on ancient Windows systems that don’t support newer versions of IE, even Internet Explorer 6 can download a new, infinitely superior, browser for you.

In fact, the only thing most versions of IE are good for is downloading a new browser the first time you start up your new computer. Except on Mac, where we were freed from the tyranny of the IE browser many years ago.

Once again, the Bears who are Square recommend the following browsers to improve your online life:

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