AnimationThere are lots of reasons to use animation. Do you need a short animated ad? A trailer for your new project? How about a way to inform people about a complicated subject? Talk to us, we can help you.

Square Bear offers work that ranges from motion graphics to animated white boards to animated characters who tell your story. We can look at your needs and recommend the most effective style to present your content.

What Animation Can Do for You

  • Make complex topics easier to understand
  • Show, not tell
  • Help you tell a story
  • Present information in an engaging manner
  • Hold your audience’s attention longer than a Web page can
  • Leave a memorable impression on your visitors

Latest: Sketch Dog!

What started as a simple “proof of concept” for a style of white board animation turned into something more. I mean, this dog is just too cute to not let him have an adventure, right? Done in Moho (used to be Anime Studio), I worked out some new techniques to speed the process and improve the ability to animate the characters.

Why go with simple white board animation when it can come to life? Think about how you could grab the attention of your potential customers. Or contact me, I can help you figure out how to use something like this to add appeal to your brand.